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When I door knocked 9,000 homes in the Waitemata ward in 2010 the number one resident issue was parking, parking and parking.

The availability of on-street parking is a concern for residents that have no off street carparking living in or near the inner-city. And the most affected areas in the ward are Parnell, Seccombes Ave, Grafton, Freeman’s Bay, St Mary’s Bay and Ponsonby because of all-day parking commuters.

Over the years the Council has had many different parking schemes and there are still remnants of these across the ward. From resident only carparks to p120 resident except. However, the general philosophy from previous councils has been to create a “sinking lid” policy on resident parking. So if you buy a house today that previously had a resident only on street carpark you were no longer able to apply for the permit.

As a local board we initiated Auckland Transport in early 2011 to review carparking with the intent to:

  • Encouraging commuters and students to use public transport.
  • Provide more accessibility to on street carparking for residents and retailers.

Auckland Transport has initiated three large parking reviews in our ward:

Central City Parking Zone – A single approach to pricing and managing car park availability will apply within the zone. click here to read the website. The website doesn’t mention that another outcome is to reduce the number of footpath parking signage which has the potential to improve the clutter around the city and save money.

Eden Terrace Parking Plan – This parking review is underway to reduce commuter parking and improve retail accessibility. This has been an issue the Eden Terrace Business assoication and myself as the elected representative on the baord has been able to push through. Click here to findout more about plans in Eden Terrace.

St Mary’s Bay Resident Parking Permit Trial – Auckland Transport started a trial in St Mary’s Bay on the 23 July to try out Resident Parking Permits.

Prior to the trial, initial feedback was sort from residents and this included there concerns about the cost of permits and this has been taken into consideration. But resident parking permits aren’t new and the team at Auckland Transport have been looking at Wellington and Australian cities for examples of best practise.

There were many other communities screaming out to trial the parking permits, so don’t worry Seccombes Ave we will come back to you after the trial. But the St Mary’s Bay community was chosen because it is ideally positioned to test commuter parking before and after the re-opening of the Jacob’s ladder walkway into the city.

If this trial is successful, the potential is that we will have a new “parking tool” that can be implemented in different parts of the inner-city. Over the next few years resident parking permits in our inner-city communities have the potential to free-up parking for our residents and act as a significant catalyst to encourage more Aucklanders onto public transport.


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  1. Brian Rees on Mon, 30th Jul 2012 9:24 pm 

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your blog on the St Mary’s Bay Parking Trial and the chance to comment.
    Our daughter is a student at St. Mary’s College (New Street) and we have purchased a car for her to get to school for next year and beyond. We live some approx. 20kms away from school (and not on an easily accessible public transport route). As she will be in Year 12 next year her increasing extra-curricular activities also make using public transport increasingly difficult.
    The school has obtained twenty (20) only parking permits to be shared between staff and students (there are a total of 870 students, albeit a much much smaller number have vehicles) …. anyways, the bottom line is that the 20 permits were nowhere near enough for the students.
    Hoping you may be able to give this some consideration on how additional permits for the students of St Mary’s College may be able to be activated ?
    NB:- the students generally would only park on Mondays-to-Fridays between approx. 08:00am and 5:00pm (dependent on various team / group trainings) and of course only about x40 weeks per year.

    Thanking you in anticipation, we look forward to hearing back from you.
    Brian & Elley Rees (Mobile # 0274 940023)

  2. Rob Thomas on Wed, 1st Aug 2012 9:24 am 

    Brian & Elley,
    Thank you for your feedback on the parking scheme that is being trailed over the next year.
    We have to get this trail right, especially if we are to roll it out to different parts of our community.
    Would you mind answering a couple of questions for me and I will be able to take your comments back to the officer involved:
    – How does your daughter currently get to school?
    – Do you know how the school is currently allocating the 20 permits? (I will check this with the officer in charge)
    – What part of Auckland do you live in?
    Rob Thomas

  3. Rob Thomas on Tue, 14th Aug 2012 4:57 am 

    Brian and Elley,
    I’ve herd back from Auckland Transport:
    “We have recently issued another 10 permits to St Marys College bringing their total number of permits to 30. I am not exactly sure how the school allocates these permits but I think they allocate them all to students and staff park on the school grounds.”
    I would approach the school to start with.
    Rob Thomas

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