Media release – Rob Thomas promises to kick commuters out of residential streets

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Media release – Rob Thomas promises to kick commuters out of residential streets

Parking in the central suburbs has become a serious issue, with locals and commuters jostling for precious parking spaces.

Waitemata and Gulf Council Candidate Rob Thomas says “As the next Councillor for the Waitemata and Gulf Ward I will kick out commuters from resident streets in the inner-city and encourage people to us public transport. Our residential streets are not parking lots.”

“For five months I have been door knocking residents in Parnell, Newmarket, Grafton, Arch Hill, Freeman’s Bay and Ponsonby. Residents have told me they pay exorbident rates or rent and yet they have to park two blocks away from their house to get a carpark.”

The latest research from Auckland Transport shows there are more free carparks in Freeman’s Bay than the Civic Carpark in Aotea Square and during the working day they have more than 90% occupancy on some streets. With parking in the city becoming increasingly expensive, suburbs with free parking have seen an influx of city commuters searching for all day parking. The link buses have unfortunately exacerbated this problem; turning leafy suburbs into park and ride services into the city. Residents are struggling to access their homes and commuters are forced to compete for free parking.

“Cars hawk local neighbourhoods looking for free car parking. Wellington has had resident only parking for years and now is the time for Auckland to roll this out across the inner-city.”

As a member of the Waitemata Local Board Mr Thomas has been involved in the St Mary’s Bay resident only parking scheme for over a year now which offers a blueprint for other suburbs. An annual permit costs $70 for a single car, with subsequent permits costing slightly more. The scheme also offers guest permits, giving temporary parking for residents’ guests. The trial has successfully moved commuters off residential streets, freeing up space for residents who lack off-street parking.

“The St Mary’s Bay trial has shown that resident-only parking works and is a viable alternative to the current system which has turned suburbs into parking lots.”

Resident-only parking will also help push more commuters onto public transport. As the trains are electrified and bus services are improved commuters will have more options beyond driving. Improved public transport will offset the loss of commuter parking from these suburbs and improve traffic flows.

“For the resident only parking scheme to work we need busses turning up on time and more park-and-ride facilities at train stations and on the Northern busway.”

Watch the video on YouTube:

Rob Thomas Resident Only Parking Zones



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