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Every morning thousands of commuters from across the Auckland region park their cars on the surroundings streets of Freeman’s Bay, Grey Lynn, Ponsonby, Grafton, Newmarket and Parnell to make the most of free parking. To put the issue into perspective the surrounding streets of Freeman’s Bay have more carparks than Aotea Centres’ Civic Carpark, that’s a lot of free carparking. Having door knocked over 16,000 homes in the innercity suburbs Residential Parking is the No. 1 issue for locals.

The frustration for residents is that many heritage properties lack off-street parking which forces them to park on the road. The vehicle on street occupancy rates in some streets have hit 90-100% which force residents to walk across the city to access their own property. Commuter parked in our leafy suburbs also prevent visitors to the area and being able to find parking to shop in the business districts. All that is about to change.

Residential parking will be rolled out over the next year that will see congested streets turned back into calmer residential streets. Freeman’s Bay will be the next community to see the residential parking scheme implemented.

Resident only parking zone

What is a residential parking zone?

A residential parking zone is a parking time restriction that applies across a residential area and is typically two hours, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, Residents and business within he area can apply for permits and coupons that give exemption from the time restrictions.

Benefits of residential parking zone

  • Fair share access to on-street parking among residents, business and visitors to a community.
  • Reduce the stress associated with living and working with in an area of high parking demand.
  • Free up on-street parking for visitors

When is a resident parking zone considered?

  • On a regular basis, over 85% of car parks in an area are occupied during the days four busiest hours.
  • There is support from both the local community and the local board.

Parking permits 

  • A permit costs $70 and is valid for one year.
  • The number of permits issued is capped at 85% of the total number of parking spaces with in a zone area.
  • Residents can apply for as many permits as there are vehicles registered to their address, however permits will be allocated on a priority basis until the cap is reached.
  • Businesses can apply for one permit.
  • Properties built after the notification of the Proposed Auckland unitary Plan in September 2013 are not eligible for permits.
  • Permits are ‘paperless’ instead a vehicle license plate is linked to an electronic permit.

Permits are issued in order of priority 

High to Low

  • Houses on a single title without off-street parking, or apartments built before 1944 without off-street parking
  • Houses on a single title with a dedicated off-street parking spave
  • All other houses or townhouses
  • Apartments
  • Businesses located with the zone


  • A coupon cost $5 and is valid for one day.
  • Any residents or business within a zone can register to purchase a coupon from Auckland Transport.
  • There is no restrictions on the number that can be bought.
  • On registering, resident living within a zone will receive $0 free coupons. Businesses are not eligible for free coupons.
  • Coupons are ‘paperless;. Instead a vehicles license plate is linked to an electronic coupon.


Auckland Transport’s parking enforcement team uses license plate recognition to monitor parking vehicles. The technology identifies whether a license plate’s linked to a valid permit or coupon and issues an infringement notice if needed.

Check out the St Mary’s Bay Parking Permit system: 


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