A PumpTrack, A Boy & A Bike

November 22, 2017 by  
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Since we launched the Grey Lynn Pump Track I’ve herd some inspiring stories but there is one that has truly touched me.

When Paul and Scott started building the Pump Track earlier this year there was a young boy and his twin brother from the neighborhood that were hovering along the construction fence. Almost every day he was down in the park checking out the construction, wide eyed,  inquisitive and eager to learn. He stood there in the sunshine and visited them during the start of the harsh winter months.

The boy had just started to learnt to ride a bike and when the pump track opened six months ago someone gave him a second hand bike to learn on. As the pump track had been punished with a number of wet weather events the Pump Track Crew decided to hold off the opening until the summer months.

Last Saturday the Pump Track was opened with over 120 neighborhood kids entering the time trial heats for each category. The boy along the fence had been practicing over the winter and entered the event.

He blitz the qualifying rounds and won his age group category.

The prize was a new bike.

At the end of the event he went to give the bike back to Paul and Scott and they had to explain that it was his to keep.

His father made it to the track that day to watch him win and mentioned how proud he was.



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