Personal Profile

This year I am standing as your local Councillor for the Waitemata Gulf Ward.

I was born in Auckland and started my community service as the Chairperson of the Auckland City Youth Council, raising $23,000 for youth concerts. I was a recipient of the Jason Snell Memorial Youth Award for services in our community.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland.

I am a former Kidsline buddy and a member of Auckland Rotary.

I have travelled around the world three times, cycled over the Rocky Mountains in Canada, visited the Amazon rainforest and journeyed by train from Europe to Asia.

I have worked in financial services and have had ten years of broad local government experience working for:

  • Auckland City Council – Britomart Project
  • Wellington City Council – Strategy, Performance & Reasearch
  • City of Westminster (London) – Strategy & Performance

It is my life-long ambition to become a Councillor and represent my community.

After ten years of broad local government experience, it’s natural that I take this next step and put myself forward as a candidate for Auckland Central and the Hauraki Gulf. My decision to run for Council comes from a huge ground swell of friends and supporters that believe in me and what I can do for Auckland.