Minister gives support for Newmarket Playspace

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Newmarket ViaductThey say don’t count your chickens before they hatch but I’m certainly lining up all my eggs in a row.

Newmarket has the highest concentration of school age children in the country with 8,000 registered pupils. However there is no recreational playspace. As the population continues to grow in and around Newmarket there will be increased pressure on public open space.

Late last year an opportunity arose to negotiate land from NZTA under the Newmarket Viaduct. Last financial year the Waitemata Local Board committed $4k to investigate a design for the space. With the assistance of our new Local MP David Seymour the design was presented to the Minister of Transport Simon Bridges who in principle supports the idea. The idea has also been presented to the Minister of Youth Affairs and Local MP Nikki Kaye and to the Waitemata Youth Collective. Negotiations are underway with NZTA.

These are the concept plans for the playspace.

Newmarket Playspace design

To download the PowerPoint presentation click here Newmarket Playspace.



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