Dog-friendly policy on Auckland’s Public Transport

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Media release – For immediate release Wednesday 4 September, 2013

Rosie and Rob waiting at a bus stopDog-friendly policy on Auckland’s Public Transport

Auckland Council candidate Rob Thomas welcomes the discussion to allow for dog friendly public transport on Auckland’s train and bus services.

Mr Thomas says, “Many international cities have small dog-friendly transport policies. If it’s small enough to fit on your lap it’s small enough to go on public transport.”

The current Auckland Transport rules allow only guide dogs and guide dogs in training on buses if under supervision of their care-giver. Other pets are not allowed. Waiheke Island ferries and buses are the only exception to Auckland Transport’s “no pets” policy. At last count Auckland Council said there are 85,818 dogs registered and known dogs of 102,832 across the city.

“There are thousands of dog owners across Auckland that are limited by their transport options and are forced into driving. For years Aucklanders have taken dogs on Waiheke Island passenger transport and now is the time to look at extending the dog-friendly network across Auckland.”

Mr Thomas says that he has been door knocking residents across the inner-city that are frustrated with the lack of options which is costing them hundreds of dollars a year in parking and fuel while empty trains rattle past their homes.

“To make this work, there will need to be rules in place to ensure dogs are well-behaved, leashed and that people clean up any mess. Whether or not a dog can ride on a bus or train should ultimately be up to the discretion of the driver.”

“Pets teach children valuable life lessons like how to communicate, be empathetic, nurturing, confident and resilient to change. Dogs are an everyday part of living in Auckland and it’s time to take practice steps to have more dog-friendly transport options.”



2 Comments on "Dog-friendly policy on Auckland’s Public Transport"

  1. Karen on Sun, 11th Jan 2015 2:28 am 

    Hi Rob,
    Any news on whether we can take dogs on public transport yet?
    I don’t drive and would love to take my tiny dog out of the cbd this summer.

  2. Rob Thomas on Fri, 16th Jan 2015 9:29 pm 

    They are currently reviewing the by-law and I will be submitting a recommendation to Auckland Transport.

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