A plan for Auckland

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Auckland is going through considerable growing pains with the need to invest in transport & housing. As the city grows it’s important that we protect our unique natural environment while delivering a healthy and prosperous city. The key policies I will campaign for this election are:


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 Putting our environment first

Climate Change is the biggest issue facing Auckland and our planet today. Temperature increases, sea level rise and the acidification of our oceans are just some of the issues that will impact Auckland over the next 50-100 years.

Cities around the world have started adopting technology to save money and reduce the impact of climate change. This election I am campaigning on investing in clean technology to tackle climate change and reduce air pollution:

  • Trial Auckland’s first Electric Bus
  • Deliver Auckland’s first Electric Ferry
  • Replace all Council’s vehicles with Electric Vehicles
  • Plant 1 million trees over the next 10 years in public spaces


Building blocks

Building a better Council

Auckland’s current financial policy of funding projects from rates increases and borrowing more debt is unsustainable in the long-term.


Auckland contains many empty plots of land that are undeveloped around our city centers and transport hubs. Auckland needs to encourage property investment, while preserving our character neighborhoods, in areas that require little infrastructure investment. This will provide a greater number of houses and produce a greater rates yield and positive net-cashflow for Council investment.
Auckland needs to develop an investment plan for transport, housing and infrastructure investment that delivers:

  • Housing intensification around city centers & transport hubs while preserving our unique heritage and natural environment.
  • Targets for housing, affordable housing, social housing and emergency housing for homelessness.
  • Streamline the resource consent process to speed up development.
  • Implementing a customer measure across all of Council.


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A tech-driven Auckland

  • Develop regional innovation hubs for collaboration
  • Support start up businesses
  • Collaborate with sister cities to grow capital investment


Waitemata Local Board Policy

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Waitemata Ward

Icon_Rail Better Public Transport
  • Reliable, frequent and affordable bus, ferry and rail services
  • Support light rail and rail through the inner-city
  • Resident only parking
 Icon_Cycling Dedicated Cycling Links
  • Safe and dedicated cycle links
  • Connecting our parks and open spaces
  • Safe cycling school routes
 Icon_CleanBeaches Clean Beaches
  • Reduce sewage and chemical runoff
  • Restore Coxs Bay Beach
Icon_Heritage Protect Heritage and Character
  • Planning rules that protect our character neighborhoods
 Icon_Events Support Our Creative Communities
  • Waterfront greenfield event space
  • Support arts, culture, local and international events
Icon_Affordable Affordable Growth
  • Agree to set rates for 3 years
  • Fix the council’s debt ceiling
  • Build more homes in Auckland